Pressure Point Balls - Levels 1 & 2 - Set of Four


For decades, exercise enthusiasts have attempted “self-help” soft tissue work using a variety of tennis balls, baseballs or other soft balls trying to break up localized adhesions. This method proved to be a somewhat effective therapy, but was less than ideal.   The attempt to position oneself on an unstable corrective device, in order to isolate a specific point of need, often proved to be an exercise itself!  When placing two of the same balls in a sock to break up bilateral tension along the spine the result usually ended in self talk such as; “That is better but not quite where I needed it the most”. 

Pressure Point Balls are featured in our Advanced Percussor & Adjustor Techniques Video.

Pressure Point Balls Promo from Jerome Rerucha D.C. on Vimeo.

An age-old need has finally been perfected. Pressure Point Balls are great self-help for any individual. 
  • The Level 1 Ball (orange) is the go to ball for trigger point release and stability exercises and is firm enough for most deep pressure release.
  • The Level 2 Ball is significantly firmer than the Level 1 Ball and is meant to be used for extra deep pressure and release.
  • Use two Pressure Point balls for perfect spacing along the spine, or any combination of bilateral correction such as right and left shoulder blades, upper trapezius muscles etc.
  • Pressure Point balls also a fantastic hand saving tool for practitioner use during Massage, Active release and Trigger Point work.
  • Increased range of motion and flexibility by performing trigger point and myofascial release.
  • Helps reduce muscle soreness and restriction for better recovery and sports performance.
  • When coupled with Active Mobilization Movement the Pressure Point Ball(s) help to re-pattern faulty movement patterns and improve athletic performance.
  • Increases circulation and oxygen transportation to the muscle.
  • During stability and strength exercises, the Trigger Points Balls challenge balance for increased proprioception, such as performing push-ups with one in each hand.
  • Pressure Point Balls provide an unstable surface when used as a handheld stability ball. This method increases the challenge to proprioception and makes upper body exercises, such push ups, more challenging.
  • The patent pending non-slip flat base is designed to keep the ball in place whether it is on the floor, wall or other surface.
  • Patent pending oval flexion point allows the ball to maintain constant contact on a trigger point or tight muscle.
  • Ease of use is perfect spacing to be used on the back with the spine sitting between the balls… will be amazed when you try this!
  • The ball can also be placed in the freezer overnight and used as a cool therapy tool for sore aching muscles.
  • The material is a food grade safe blend of silicone, which is incredibly durable and puncture resistant as well as kid and animal safe.
Level 1 vs Level 2 Ball:
There are two versions of the ball: LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2.

  • The Level 1 Ball is firm enough for most deep pressure release. 
  • The Level 1 Ball is our go to ball for anyone doing challenging mobility and stability exercises
  • The Level 2 Ball is significantly firmer, silicone ball, than the LEVEL 1 Ball and is meant for more intense muscle work and even deeper pressure. 
  • The Level 2 Ball may be used as an introduction to stability exercise. It is not as unstable and therefore easier.  
  • It is our recommendation that you begin your soft tissue correction with the Level 1 Ball and once you are ready to move on to a deeper release then advance to the Level 2 Ball.
Areas such as the glute muscles or individuals or areas of the body with extra padding may benefit application from a Level 2 Ball immediately.

An advantage to purchasing the Pressure Point Balls - Levels 1 & 2 - Set of Four is to progress when appropriate.  Plus you'll save money on the set!